Professor Eva Harlowe is so obsessed with ancient history, her friends claim she is only interested in dead guys. At 32, she’s living at home, recovering from a long-term relationship and stagnating in her career.

While shopping, she meets an attractive shoe salesman with an uncanny knowledge of history. Boxing up her sandals he tells her, “You probably know how Sargon with his sons Ashur and Arman used to sweep down into Egypt to pillage and plunder.” She agrees to a date just to see what he claims to know.

Over drinks, Eva finds herself amused by his historical insight. “Did you know that honey was mankind’s first medicine?” he asks. “When the Egyptians found out about its antibacterial properties, they nearly farmed bees out of existence.”

Eva is skeptical, but soon Larry is squiring her around The Windy City, dropping bits of obscure ancient history into her ears. Curiosity turns to confusion as Eva becomes convinced that this dark-haired charmer is either a terrific liar or has knowledge no human could possess. Larry speaks multiple languages, rarely sleeps, and won’t reveal his age. Is this an epic romance, or an epic mistake?

While Larry falls hard for her, his possessiveness, dishonesty and her own instincts command her to leave. After Larry gives her detailed accounts of their past lives, she is trapped by her own fascination. If she wants to hear Larry’s secret histories, including his take on mankind’s origins and who she has been, she’ll have to stick her neck out.

SCARY LARRY is an addictive, paranormal romance packed with suspense and humor, and history. You can purchase my ebook on Amazon and you don’t need a Kindle to view it.